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Ta kontakt med oss, så får du hjelp av en av våre reisespesialister.

Fitness Boot Camp Phuket with Luxury Resort Accommodation


Fitness Boot Camp Phuket with Luxury Resort Accommodation

World-Class Training

UF is proud to operate our fitness training facility right in our luxurious resort. Roll out of bed straight into training, finish training and head to chill directly in one of the 3 amazing pools, 15 metres from the gym. Hit up the ice bath or grab a massage. You may never want to leave!

On average there can be 10-20 people training at the camp from all over the world, with all differen t fitness levels, everyone is welcome.

Program Highlights

- Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight or just generally want to be fitter and healthier we can help you to reach your goals.
- This is a holiday as much as a bootcamp. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and fitness training.
- It’s really motivating - especially when training with people who all want the same thing!
- We use proven advanced fitness training techniques coupled with various different classes, so no matter what your fitness goals we can help you smash them. -
- Nutritional requirements are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about what you eat, we have a dedicated meal plan to complement your fitness goals.
- The fully equipped gym is open full time from Monday to Sunday (no group sessions at weekends) so there is no limit to how much you can train with unlimited gym.
- We will also take you on fun and effective beach training excursions.
- You will meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends. If you are traveling alone, you won’t be on your own for long, as it’s a very welcoming environment and we will hook you up on Facebook prior to arrival.

Arrival & Introduction

You will be picked up from Phuket International Airport and taken to your accommodation where you can settle in and relax. First thing on Monday morning you will have your first training session to the training facility located right next door to your accommodatoin. After your first training session our trainer will sit down with you and go over the training programme. On Mondays we also include a nutrition session.

Training Schedule

Your training schedule includes group workout sessions from Monday to Friday with gym access 7 days a week, although weekends are mostly taken off for a well-deserved rest.

Monday to Friday we include a yoga sessn in a beautuful yoga shala overlooking the bog buddha statue. It’s a great way to stretch your muscles, and it improves flexibility and balance.

Group activities combined with awesome training programme.
Beach Training (on Thursdays)
The unique environment offers us an opportunity to run through some imaginative routines, which take advantage of both the sun and the sea to ensure you get the best beach training to remember.

Outdoor Training Area
The workouts and classes take place in the outdoor covered training area,

No class is mandatory, and no one is going to force you to get out of bed, but we highly recommend that you make the most of your stay with us!

Optional Extra - Personal Trainer Sessions
Personal trainer sessions can be booked locally at an extra cost. These sessions are designed to monitor your progress, and to guide your fitness regime so that you arrive at your desired goals. During these weekly sessions you can develop the ideal schedule, diet and supplement plan as well as give you that little extra push you might need.

Pre-Departure Info

We give you lots of support prior to arriving at the camp. You receive a detailed pre-departure pack for you to familiarise yourself with the program before you go.

Periods with No Training

No training on Sonkran Festival, Christmas Day and New Years Day.


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The location in Phuket is superb and there is plenty to do in the area. The beaches are a short taxi drive away, and there are little bars and restaurants located nearby, but it’s not really a drinking culture. This is a fitness training bubble, where you will find healthy eating restaurants, fruit shake bars, spas and Thai massage shops. Heaven to ease those aching muscles.


The Luxury resort is located next door to our dedicated Ultimate Fitness Gym. Featuring 3 stunning pools, a massage room, a sauna area and a restaurant, it is an absolute tropical paradise. You can choose from Boutique Room, or Value Room Ensuite at the Luxury Resort.

The Boutique Room option is the standard room offering in the luxury resort, with room sizes of 27 sqm. Amenities are: Air conditioning, ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet, wardrobe space, fridge, cable TV with international programs, Wireless Internet Access, safety deposit box, tea and coffee making facilities, and private balcony.

The Value Room Ensuite option is a bit smaller. The room size is 22.5 sq.m, and is suitable for 1 pax or a couple. Amenities are: Air conditioning, ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet, wardrobe space, fridge, cable TV with international programs, Wireless Internet Access, safety deposit box, tea and coffee making facilities, and balcon area with seating.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for the twin share option, and we will partner you up with a member of the same sex. It's a fun way to meet a new bestie! The rooms are 27sqm and have the same amenities.

Lokal transport

Arrival transfer from Phuket International Airport included


The meal plan (which starts on the first Monday) will be discussed during the introduction.

Food is included in the programme, 2 healthy nutritious meals per day. This consists of Breakfast and Lunch. So you will need to budget for one meal per day at the cost of between 5-10 EUR. The delicious healthy options in the meal plan will help you tone up, lose weight or build muscle extremely quickly. You can buy water at the resort or the training camp.

Please note the meals are not transferable so if you miss out on a meal, these are not redeemable the next day.


Please check the visa requirements for Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I have to be before I join?
We get people of all fitness levels joining the camp. Do not worry that you will not be able to keep up, just focus on your own fitness level and progress. We guarantee you will see an improvement.

What kind of results can I expect?
Everyone is different, and everyone has different goals. Some people are unfit and others have a reasonably good level of fitness when they begin. No matter what category you fit into, you will benefit from spending time training here.

There is a very motivating, social and supportive atmosphere at the camp as everyone supports each other in reaching their goals. Combined with the superb trainers, varied scheduled group training classes, and a training facility right next door to your accommodation, there really is nothing that can hold you back. Exercising is quite addictive once you get into it!

How long should I go for?
The majority of people stay between 2 and 6 weeks. Two weeks is enough to start seeing some good results. Staying short-term, the main benefit you will take with you is the knowledge of how to maintain and improve your health and fitness back home along with a solid fitness routine. If you are really serious about improving your fitness and well-being, then make this a life-changing trip and go long-term and experience a complete physical and mental transformation.

Can I train if I have an existing injury?
Because each exercise can be tailored to the abilities of everyone in the class, no matter what your fitness level, you are able to join the fitness boot camp even if you have an existing sports injury. Simply make the trainers aware of your own personal physical circumstances and they can tailor the exercises accordingly.

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